best nft marketplace in india

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    Indian NFT Marketplace - Novuszilla

    Novuszilla is bringing the best possible deals for the NFT investors. By dropping the NFT collections by the well-known personalities, on their NFT Marketplace, they are providing the chance to invest in extremely valuable NFTs. To ensure that every beginner in the industry can create, buy and...
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    What are NFTs and how are they traded?

    NFT: The unique assets are exploding in the market currently, offering several opportunities to the investors, creators, and NFT holders. The power of being unique and irreplaceable makes these digital NFTs desirable in the industry. The biggest celebrities in the film industry, sports...
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    NFTs and their growing craze in the market

    After an outstanding growth of cryptocurrencies in the market, NFTs are exclusive digital assets that are gaining considerable popularity in today’s time. The tokenized forms of physical or digital objects are selling out at jaw-dropping prices. People are paying millions to secure ownership of...
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