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    Are cricket NFTs greatly valued?

    Cricket NFTs are greatly valued just because of the sheer fact that they are NFTs. However, it depends on form region to region, country to country. For example, in India, these NFTs would be purchased, sold, or even trade for massive prices, because here cricket is less of a game and more of a...
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    Are NFTs influencing the cricket fanbase?

    Yes, NFTs have become massively popular over the last few years so much so that pretty much most of the popular cricketers have their own NFTs. Cricket NFTs have become something that almost any and every cricket fan wants to own because of the sheer exclusivity. It is also because of the fact...
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    Why do NFTs fit in the sports market?

    Sports are something that several people enjoy and there are several avid sports fans all over the world. That also means that NFTs that are being minted are popular all over the world too. These sports NFTs especially cricket NFTs and basketball NFTs have a massive fanbase globally. This helps...
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    Why cricket NFTs will always be popular

    NFTs also known as Non-Fungible tokens are a thing of the future and whether one likes it or not they are a crucial part of the future. The reason for this is that NFTs cannot be replicated and copied so they can be used as collectibles. The reason why they massively impact the cricketing realm...
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    What happens when NFTs and gaming join hands?

    Gaming is something that we all enjoy and love. It is a popular form of entertainment and a common form of irritation for the parent. However when you consider the involvement of NFTs, one can't be too upset. This is because NFTs not only make it possible to monetize the game that is playing but...
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    Did NFTs enter the shoe market?

    NFTs while already becoming popular figures when it comes to sports NFTs, more importantly, cricket NFTs are now entering the world of kicks. Yes, with Nike and popular sports brands creating metaverse base NFT marketplaces, where shoes can be bought and then they can be received at the physical...
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    How companies have been using NFTs

    There are countless ways in which companies have been making NFTs, the most common of which being marketing. Sure there are some companies that use NFTs to sell their products too and then these NFTs can be redeemed at the shop and the NFT would be burnt. However, more often than not NFTs are...
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    What is the scope of NFTs in fashion?

    NFTs come with a wide array of use cases. From cricket NFTs to real estate, NFTs have tremendous scope. Perhaps, one of the most popular applications of NFTs in recent times, and one that has been picking up speed, is in the fashion industry. Fashion NFTs can take several forms. For one, they...
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    Why do NFTs carry a personal touch?

    NFTs are basically one of a kind and they differ based on rarity and exclusivity. So to put it into perspective, when you have something that is one of a kind and rare, that is somehow connected to a favorite character or a celebrity that they adore or look up to, it makes it more personal...
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    How NFTs with a utility makes a difference

    NFTs are Non-Fungible tokens that are created with the help of the blockchain. Despite the fact that they were initially only introduced as art that couldn't be copied. Eventually, it set in that if it cannot be copied and replicated, the same applies to the utilities. As well. If we were to...
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    How fan tokens are bringing fans closer to the game

    Fan tokens are essentially cryptocurrencies that provide fans of a sporting team, band, or any other artist with perks like membership access and even voting rights. This concept has been quickly adopted in the sporting world, with several popular sporting clubs releasing fan tokens. Cricket...
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    Will NFT marketplaces start seeing luxury brands?

    NFTs’ population has majorly advanced. The shift from being an art auction to expanding into industries primarily responsible for the world’s economy was unavoidable. To this, the addition of luxury brands like Rolex and Louis Vuitton served like a cherry on the cake. The world-popular brand...
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    Instagram and NFTs! What?

    Meta confirmed the news of Instagram including NFTs in their platform on 2nd November 2022. This was great news for all the creators and their followers as they could just attach their wallets to Instagram and directly proceed with trading NFTs. Just like NFT marketplaces, Instagram will display...
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    Is the loss in Cryptocurrency affecting NFTs?

    It is safe to say that the loss in the crypto market is not directly affecting the demand for NFTs. Instead, the demand for NFTs is still seen to be on the higher end. Yes, the popularity of NFTs can be determined by the artwork, the artist, the scarcity, and the demand for cryptocurrencies...
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    What are wearable NFTs?

    In simple terms, a wearable NFT is a virtual item of clothing or digital accessories like jeans, shirts, bags, watches, and sunglasses that you buy to dress up your avatars in the virtual platforms. With the rise of NFTs in the fashion market, people want to have their own belongings to doll...
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    What lies in the future for NFT marketplaces?

    The start of 2020 saw the rise of NFTs around the world. However, recent events show a decline in the NFT market. But does this mean NFTs do not have a future? Many experts still think NFTs are there to stay for a long time. NFTs are extending their use cases in many markets, largely in the...
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    What are some fun facts about NFTs?

    If you ask me, NFTs are pretty fascinating in current times. There are mixed emotions surrounding the topic, and people are skeptical about future advancements. Let's glance at a few NFT facts: 1.The first NFT trade happened in 2014 2. An NFT meme, ‘Doge,’ bagged $4 million 3. Almost 70% of the...
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    Cricket: a revolutionised NFT based sport

    The question is can gaming be used for earning as well. If this was a question asked in the past, the definite answer would be a big no. However, now the scenario is different. NFT, short for Non-fungible tokens, are gaining popularity in the gaming market. Cricket, football, volleyball, even...
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    Are fans happy with the involvement of Cricket as NFTs?

    What activity doesn't have fan engagement? From sports to books, fans are the prime part of any success. In the same way, these fans are the catalyst that can make or break Cricket popularity. Cricket is not just a sport; it’s a celebrated festival for many. In such times, the Cricket NFT...
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    What is a must know before jumping into an NFT market?

    As we all know, NFTs are famous for their non-fungibility. These are changing the view of how we own virtual items. There are few points you should know before investing in NFTs. 1. Be aware of what NFT you’re buying. These virtual assets range from memes to digital art and many others. 2. Do...

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