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    WARZONE: The update of MODERN WARFARE 2

    We're entering the time of year when rumors about the next Call of Duty are rife. Vanguard released on schedule in late 2021, and now we know Modern Warfare 2 will be next. We now know the release date of Modern Warfare 2: it will be released on October 28, 2022. The game is mainly developed by...
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    This is a pretty cool beat em up I've been playing

    It's called Kombo King and it's on Steam. Animations are good and I think the action is superb. Kombo King on Steam I got some screen grabs:
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    Fortnite news

    THE FORTNITE ‘COLLISION’ SEASON END EVENT MAKES LANDFALL JUNE 4 5.26.2022 By The Fortnite Team Add to Calendar The fate of the Zero Point will be decided in this one-time, in-game event - “COLLISION.” This event will require all hands on deck, so squad up in a party of four and strap in for...

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