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    Are NFTs the new mode of global brand engagement?

    The news and highlights for the past few months have been all about brands who are taking up NFTs for their brand engagement. It is natural for any brand to take up a new technology that is at its peak as a marketing strategy to get the attention of the customers. But at times when NFT...
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    How are Non-Fungible Tokens and Blockchain transforming industries?

    Blockchain technology has recently been popular worldwide, conquering industries and businesses. Though the gaming industry was the first to use NFT gaming platforms for players, many organizations, corporations, and other industries are now utilizing this new technology and moving to the next...
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    From NBA to KFC everything has an NFT now!

    Non-Fungible Tokens are getting popular globally and brands are taking up NFTs one by one. NFT for games in NFT gaming marketplaces like NBA Topshot to KFC’s official NFT collection the BuckETH are some notable NFTs that is making the headlines today. The usability of NFTs are getting increased...
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    What’s next in the P2E gaming ecosystem?

    Play-to-earn games are picking the pace in recent times. The mind-blowing success of Axie Infinity paved way for the mass adoption of p2e games in countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, etc. The opportunity for gamers to earn has encouraged many users to invest their time and money into...

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