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    (Play To Earn ) P2E games potentail Market:

    Mobile gaming is a 106 billion market as of now and is expected to reach 272 billion by 2030. Compound annual growth is around 20% which is phenomenal and is likely to rise up more in the near future. Comparing it with PC and console games the adoption is 3 times higher.
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    Participate to win WL spots

    Meta Warriors the Excitement has just begun! Invite Contest on Discord! PRIZE Most Invites = 1 x $40 Active members = 5 x WL spots Join Discord to participate:
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    The Story Begins | Meta Warriors

    After the Zombie apocalypse happened in 2021, The world has turned into a war zone for human survival. Meanwhile, Jack (Lead Character) and his partner Jennifer (Female Character) and Richard (Sidekick) go out on a hunt to take down the Alpha Zombie so they can end the after-effects of the...
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    The Jack from Meta Warriors

    Jack, an ex-military warrior yet a guy with a soft heart, is one of his own kind. He’s a man of justice and was accused of betraying his country. So, we guess - he’s dead anyway
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    Meta Warriors character Jennifer suit "Irona Suit" is launched

    I am exploring potential nft gaming projects and I found "Meta Warriors". Meta Warriors is a 3d zombie theme-based play-to-earn game. I played their prototype and the result was amazing. Every single character is designed in a great way. My favorite is Jennifer and I was waiting impatiently for...
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