1. T


    Free Fire’s latest campaign brings the passion of football straight to players’ phones starting December 2 Fans can now show off their skills on the field through new game modes such as the Free Fire Football Squad Mode Players can also unleash their potential with the Magenta Striker outfit and...
  2. T

    Call of duty update

    Warzone Season 3 Reloaded Patch Notes MODES Champion of Caldera This year could arguably be a strong one for Warzone solo players, with Rebirth Resurgence Solos being a fast-paced variant of the traditional Battle Royale free-for-all, and Caldera Clash being an awesome way to level up Weapons...
  3. kathrynmitchel

    Be a part of the next big thing in the gaming industry with P2E NFT game development

    P2E NFT games are changing the gaming industry. With P2E NFT games both players and developers can monetize their time and effort on the game. Therefore a lot of companies have started to launch their own play to earn NFT games. P2E NFT games Play-to-earn NFT games are built on blockchain...
  4. J

    Steps to download Minecraft beta for Bedrock Edition

    1) Open the store app on any device The beta & preview Bedrock Edition is available only on iOS, Windows, and Xbox. For Windows and Xbox, players can head to the Xbox app installed on their devices. For iOS users, the beta & preview version is only accessible through Apple's test flight program...
  5. E

    FIFA ESO Gold July deals are on sale

    It will update every so often the Elder Scrolls Online, allowing players to experience different fun all the time. The Lost Depths DLC is coming soon to The Elder Scrolls Online, continuing the Legacy of the Bretons adventure. This is very exciting. In The Elder Scrolls Online, players can...
  6. E

    Big discounts on buy POE Currency in July

    Path of Exile Sentinel League was released in May of this year. In Path of Exile, alliances are the main gameplay. Players who have played this game for a long time should know how the league is played. If novice players do not understand the relevant content, they can consult
  7. E Top 20 deals every day to grab Elden Ring Runes

    Even though it's been a few months since Elden Ring's release, there are still hidden details that some players haven't discovered. Let's discuss it. I wonder if careful players have noticed that some bosses in Elden Ring are reused, such as Radagon's Red Wolf. Radagon's Red Wolf moves so fast...
  8. R

    Elden Ring Player Has Genius Trick for Avoiding Dungeon Trap

    Elden Ring is filled with traps that can amaze players and often lead to their demise. Keenly covered up adversaries will snare clients a few times all through their playthrough, yet fans can exploit messages left by other Elden Ring players to set themselves up for these traps. Elden Ring is...
  9. C - Extra 6% free Lost Ark Gold hot sale

    We should all remember the first time they played Lost Ark, stumbling around in the ring of fire outside Nomad Camp, and panicking immediately after stumbling upon a giant rock giant with over 1 million HP. The Salt Giant is likely to be one of the first World Bosses players will find in the...
  10. C You can't miss to get POE Currency

    Since Path of Exile: Sentinel launched, players should not know much about this new mechanic, and it may be more difficult for novice players. Even if many players prepare some POE Currency, it is still a daunting task to challenge themselves. Sentinels are divided into three types. The...
  11. M

    Counter-Strike Global Offensive

    What is CS:GO? Counter-Strike: Worldwide Hostile, commonly known as CS:GO, is a cutthroat first-individual shooting match-up. CS:GO is the most recent delivery in the Counter Strike series, and has drawn in a normal of 11 million clients each month since its send off in 2012. CS:GO was...

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