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Check out 10 best oculus quest 2 games

10. Eleven: Table Tennis​


If you want the most accurate, authentic representation of a sport in VR today, Eleven: Table Tennis is easily your best bet. This simulation-level game offers the most convincing take on a sport that makes perfect sense in VR. Whether you’re serving up hotshots or getting in desperate returns, Eleven’s physics behave exactly the way you’d expect and tapping the ball with your controller starts to feel as natural as if it were a paddle. More than just a great game, Eleven is one of the rare VR experiences that feels like a genuine replacement for our reality. It’s that good and one of the best Oculus Quest games and best Meta Quest 2 games.

9. A Township Tale​


Fair warning when it comes to A Township Tale: the game is categorically unfinished. I mean that literally; developer Alta is still plugging away adding new components to the experience and fixing bugs as we speak. Be warned that you won’t have the smoothest experience with this open-world online adventure/survival game, then. But if you can overlook at, you’re in for something special.

A Township Tale is incredibly detailed, asking players to build out a town by collecting resources, fending off enemies and building better gear that will allow you to venture out further into its world. Almost all of its interactions are incredibly considered and, though it’s hard to learn, the game’s fostered an impressive community of passionate players to teach you. There’s still a ways to go, but it’s already clear that A Township Tale is one of the best Oculus Quest games.

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8. Beat Saber​


VR’s poster child finds its most natural fit on Quest. In Beat Saber, you slash notes to a beat, dodge obstacles and try to master an ever-growing list of fantastic tracks.

Wire-free gameplay breaks down the barriers between you and the music as you slice your way through an ever-growing list of tracks. Beat Saber is empowering, energetic and VR’s most devilishly addictive game yet. Don’t expect that status to change any time soon. You probably already knew that Beat Saber one of the best Oculus Quest games and best Meta Quest 2 games.

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7. A Fisherman’s Tale​


As great as VR is, its initial novelty is bound to wear off after your first few weeks or so. If you want to recapture the magic of putting on the headset for the first time, though, there’s one destination that’s bound to deliver: A Fisherman’s Tale. This is a mind-bending puzzle game unlike anything you’ll see elsewhere. That alone makes it one of the best Oculus Quest games and best Meta Quest 2 games.

In A Fisherman’s Tale, you solve intricate, scale-based puzzles in which you work… with yourself. Its best puzzles utilize a miniature model of the lighthouse the game’s set in. Lift the roof of the model and you’ll see a mini-you, imitating your every move. Just try and keep your brain from breaking as you hand yourself giant objects, or reach down to poke your own head. It’s a trip to say the least. Throw in a poignant story about self-acceptance and you have a short, sharp VR game that will stay with you much longer than most multi-hour epics.

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6. Onward​


Whereas Onward on PC is a worthy contender for the best online shooter, it definitely faces stiff competition. But, on Quest, the wire-free gameplay really comes into its own, opening up new tactics like easily going prone. Yes, the game’s suffered visually to get onto the headset, but when you’re aiming down your sights, scanning for targets, you won’t notice.

Onward pays close attention to realism, making it a game that can be hard to get to grips with, but absolutely rewarding to master. For that reason, it’s one of the best Oculus Quest games and best Meta Quest 2 games.

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5. Pistol Whip​


Pistol Whip may be the new kid on the block but, for our money, its sharpshooting, sharp sounding, beat-based gameplay proves to be even more hypnotic than Beat Saber. In others words, it’s easily one of the best Oculus Quest games/best Meta Quest 2 games. In this neon-lit shooter, you stream down corridors, blasting bad guys to grizzly tunes, avoiding incoming fire and trying to rack up the best scores.

Pistol Whip’s key is to take influence not just from the VR sales king but also Superhot and, most prominently, John Wick. Whereas Beat Saber wants to make you a dancing Jedi master, Pistol Whip aims to teach you gun-fu with style, elegantly fusing the rhythmic and cinematic together a pulsating, vibrant monster of its own.

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4. Resident Evil 4 VR (Quest 2 only)​


We had our doubts that Resident Evil 4 would really work well in VR, but it not only survived the transition – it ended up being one of the best Oculus Quest games and best Meta Quest 2 games. This is a full port of Leon Kennedy’s best-known zombie adventure, with a first-person view and full motion control support.

Sure, some elements of this version of the game don’t hold up well, like virtual cutscene screens. But when you’re facing a horde of enemies with your back literally against the wall, it’s hard to care. This is a wonderful way to revisit a classic and one of the best Oculus Quest games and best Meta Quest 2 games.

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3. Demeo​


Demeo isn’t a perfect tabletop game by any means. But it is a really good one and, more importantly, its first-rate four-player multiplayer VR experience makes it feel like a genuine social event in a way that no flatscreen game — and even few VR games — have ever really matched.

You pick a class and tackle randomly generated dungeons, but the game’s punishing difficulty means sessions can last anywhere from a few minutes to multiple hours. Demeo is already cemented as one of the best Oculus Quest games and best Meta Quest 2 games but, with more content on the way, including new dungeons and features, it’s only going to get better.

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2. Superhot VR​


Superhot VR is one of the oldest games on this list and yet, over four years later, it’s still easily one of the best examples of how VR can give us entirely new gaming experiences. In this cinematic shooter, times moves only when you do. Sit still and the world around you will freeze, but move your body and it will jolt back to life. It’s your very own Matrix simulator.

What makes the game such an enduring hit is its accessible design that instantly picks up on a professional slickness you won’t find anywhere else in VR. From last-minute gun grabs to well-placed knife throws, the game constantly delivers unprecedented satisfaction with its action. Superhot VR is and always will be one of the best Oculus Quest games and best Meta Quest 2 games – surely we’re way past due for a sequel?

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1. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners​


We would have never pegged a game based upon The Walking Dead to carry arguably the best design and user-interaction you’ll find in VR, but Saints & Sinners delivers all that and then some. This sets the bar not just for VR zombie games but basically the entire medium with ridiculously entertaining physics-based combat that has you wrestling with hordes of undead, throwing every ounce of effort you can muster into every swing and stab.

But this isn’t just a silly sandbox or wave-based survival game (though it has that too). Saints & Sinners packs its action into a full, meaty VR campaign that sees you trekking through the remains of New Orleans. Add in human enemies, side-missions and the ability to kill zombies with a spoon, and you have one of the deepest native VR games on the market. Plus, thanks to an obscenely good port from developer Skydance Interactive, Saints & Sinners takes the throne at the top of our best Oculus Quest games list.

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