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Is it possible to delete the online casino at m88 account? For various reasons, some players may decide to discontinue their participation in betting at the M88 platform and wish to terminate their betting account. In this detailed guide by M88 authentic, we will walk you through the process of deleting an M88 account quickly and safely. Read on for valuable insights on handling this procedure.

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Common Reasons for Deleting an M88 Account:​

Before proceeding with the deletion of an M88 account, let's explore some common reasons that lead players to make this decision:

Forgotten login information or incorrect registration details: Players may have registered with incorrect information or, over time, may forget their login credentials.

Changing luck and seeking a fresh start: Some players experience continuous losses and wish to delete their old account to change their luck and find better fortune.

Availing additional M88 promotions: Some users may want to create multiple accounts to take advantage of the promotional offers available to new members.

No longer interested in betting at M88: When players no longer wish to engage in betting activities at M88, they seek ways to delete their account due to concerns about personal information security or potential issues with the platform.

Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting an M88 Account:

According to the information provided by M88 authentic, the platform currently does not offer a direct account deletion function for players. Therefore, any online guides claiming to provide instructions on how to delete an M88 account are inaccurate. If you want guidance on deleting your account, it is recommended to contact M88's customer support for assistance. However, keep in mind that the process may not be as simple and quick as suggested by some online sources.

In general, M88 has the following procedures for handling inactive accounts:

If you haven't logged into your account for six consecutive months, M88 will temporarily lock your account.

After 18 continuous months of an account being locked, the platform will seize the remaining balance and transfer it to charitable funds.

In case a player remains inactive for five consecutive years without any login or activity, M88 will permanently close the account.

Email Request to Close M88 Account:​

While players cannot delete their accounts on their own, they can send an email request to M88 customer support to request the closure of their account. Follow these steps:


Email content:

Full name

Date of birth

Phone number

Reason for account closure

Attach a scanned copy of both sides of your identification card and send it to M88's customer support email address in Vietnam.

The closure process will take approximately 48 hours, and any recoverable balance will be subject to withdrawal through the standard M88 withdrawal procedure. When requesting account closure, the system will offer temporary closure options, such as one week, one month, six months or longer, based on your preference.

Important Considerations before Closing an M88 Account:​

Before requesting the closure of an M88 account, consider the following:

All funds in the betting account will be forfeited upon account closure, so transfer any remaining balance to your bank account before making the request.

Players can opt for temporary account suspension instead of permanent closure. M88 offers flexible suspension periods, such as six months, one year, or five years. After the suspension period ends, the account will become active again.

Frequently Asked Questions about Deleting an M88 Account:

Players may have concerns and questions when contemplating the deletion of their M88 account. Here are answers to some common queries:

What happens if I delete my M88 account without withdrawing funds?

If you delete your M88 account, especially with a permanent closure, any remaining funds will be forfeited. Therefore, it is advisable to withdraw your balance before initiating the account closure process.

Should I opt for temporary or permanent account closure?

The choice between temporary and permanent closure depends on your preferences. If you plan to take a break and return later, temporary closure is suitable. If you have no intention of using the account again, you may choose permanent closure.

Can a deleted M88 account be recovered?

The recoverability of a deleted M88 account depends on the method used for closure. Temporary closures can be reactivated after the specified period, while permanent closures are irreversible.


In conclusion, it's important to note that users cannot independently delete their M88 accounts, and any online guides claiming otherwise are inaccurate. To initiate the account closure process, players should contact M88 customer support and follow the provided steps. This guide aims to provide clarity on the process of closing an M88 account, addressing common reasons, steps, and considerations involved in this decision.


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The recoverability of a deleted M88 account depends on the method used for closure. Temporary closures can be reactivated after the specified period, while permanent closures are irreversible.

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