A Comprehensive Guide To Crypto Exchange Order Books



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Do you know? How do users buy and sell cryptocurrencies in crypto exchange? How to the transaction happen in the exchange? Below, these questions have an answer. Till the end, you might read the article, you get an answer.

In this article, we’ll explore a comprehensive guide to crypto exchange order books. Order books are the main functionalities of the crypto exchange platform and execute buy and sell orders. An order book is a public ledger, which is what tells you the pending trading pairs in the exchange. Anyone can show the order books and place their order in the exchange. There are various order books here, but we’ll see the most commonly used order books.

Market order​

Market orders instantly orders execute the best price in exchange. If you want to immediately buy or sell the cryptocurrencies in exchange, a market order is correct for the solution.

Limit order​

A limit order is buying and selling cryptocurrencies for a specific price. A limit order is the trader set the value, and when the trader's price is achieved market, then the order is placed. For example, you do analyze the market and the Bitcoin price is coming to $48,000 USD, then you placed an order of 48,000 USD. Then Bitcoin price achieved your order, then your order will be executed.

Stop order​

The stop limit order is combined with the stop order and limit order. Once your order is reached and for your specific prices, your order will be placed. Stop limits have two types, stop buy orders and stop sell orders. Then stop limit orders are used for the lock-in profit and downlines of losses.

Final thoughts​

Order books are important in the crypto exchange platform. So while you do develop the crypto exchange platform, so give the first priority to the order books. Likewise, if you need information about the order book, let you quote our company. We do provide the information and build the high-level order book functionalities in your software.

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