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Answers to the Punderful Halloween Costume Game!


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Oct 27, 2021
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Halloween has come and gone, but the glorious puns remain.

That’s right, today we’ve got the answers to our latest edition of the Punderful Halloween Costume Game!

Let’s take a look at those punny answers!


She’s the travel bug!

[Image courtesy of Haley Dodds/weregoingtomakeit.]​


puncostume2021 02

They’re party animals!


puncostume2021 03

She’s Card-E Bee (aka Cardi B)!

[Image courtesy of Samara/silly_samy.]​


puncostume2021 04

It’s The Devil Wears Prada!

[Image courtesy of Angela Jeanneau.]​


puncostume2021 05

They’re candy rappers!


puncostume2021 06

She’s Judy Garland!

[Image courtesy of Hannah Madeleine Goodman/hannahsopranah.]​


puncostume2021 07

She’s a bear-ista!

[Image courtesy of MILI/milibabes.]​


puncostume2021 08

She’s Space Jam!

[Image courtesy of Soriah Sobbizadeh/sobbi.insurance.]​


puncostume2021 09

Meat and Greet!

[Image courtesy of Sarah Pearce/sarahcrowe27.]​


puncostume2021 10

She’s spoiled milk!

[Image courtesy of MILI/milibabes.]​

How many did you get? Have you seen any great punny costumes we missed? Let us know!


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