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As a child, Game Pass on Christmas Day would have felt unbelievable


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Oct 27, 2021
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You're 12 years old. Video games are a luxury, and rightly so. They're expensive and you are happy for what you get - maybe two new games over a year. Think hard about what you're going to choose as you'll be playing it many, many times. You might get to play a handful more by doing the odd rental or if your friends didn't also go for the big hitters like you did. Most games are experienced via the pages of video game magazines, often more pictures than words, but that's fine.

You got Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition on Christmas Day, a game you could play with your brother and friends, endlessly. It's a great day. No one is denying that. Later that day you give the latest issue of Mean Machines another read. Maybe, you think, you should have asked for Sonic Spinball.

Then Santa drops in. It's now 4pm on Christmas Day, but who cares? You don't argue with the big man. He's holding a golden ticket, emblazoned with the words "Game Pass Ultimate" and he's giving it to you.

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