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Jun 29, 2022
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Genopets Clone App is a readymade M2E game platform with a 100% bug-free solution packed with advanced features to launch an exact lifestyle fitness app like Genopets. In Genopets Clone allows you to earn money & rewards while hitting your fitness goals and rarity of your Genopet.

At first, the game provides a little cute pet that will be a replica of your personality. And then, your every movement plays a vital role to built your genopet. Setting a daily goal and challenging yourself will help your genopet grow.
Our Features of Genopets Clone

  • Summon your Genopet
  • Start Moving to Play
  • Level Up to Evolve
  • Earn KI Craft NFTs
  • Battle For Glory
Gamesdapp is the leading Move to Earn Game development company, offers you the white labed clone of Genopets, the Move to Earn platform.The games we develop will be completely secured by the current security technology called Blockchain. There are many networks on blockchain technology. By the client's wish, the games will be developed on the unique blockchain network.

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Genopets Clone App | Create Move To Earn Game like Genopets

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Call/Whatsapp: 9442164862
Telegram: Gamesdapp
Email: [email protected]

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