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Boyfriend Dungeon review – a video game where you can date your weapons


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Oct 27, 2021
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PC, Xbox One, Switch; Kitfox Games
It’s a jokey concept, but this dating game/dungeon crawler deals with everything from stalking to polyamory with admirable frankness

In the many decades that video games have had us battling through monster-filled dungeons, we’ve seen hundreds of variations on the format – but Boyfriend Dungeon marks the first time that we’ve been able to go on dates with the weapons we wield. It’s a fun conceit. As you fight esoteric enemies, from flying VHS tapes to sentient cocktail glasses, you build up affinity with your chosen weapon, which has the uncanny ability to transform into a human.

After a while, you unlock a date with your human/weapon hybrid companion. And after you’ve, say, taken a stroll around the park or gone to a concert – choosing along the way whether you want to take things further or remain just friends – you unlock powerful extra abilities for that blade. You can romance everyone within sight, or opt for platonic friendships across the board. Either way, your phone will be constantly buzzing with requests for your company.

Boyfriend Dungeon is out now; £15-£18

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