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The fight between Xbox fans and PlayStation fans has been progressing, yet most really like to peacefully coexist. When a creative fan made a custom Xbox Series X controller with the face buttons usually seen on a PlayStation controller.

Traditionally, Xbox controllers have the accompanying face buttons: X on the left, Y on the top, B on the right, and An on the base. Each button has own capability will in general vary contingent upon the game and menu being utilized. On the flip side of the range, PlayStation controllers bear images as face buttons instead of letters. They are X, square, circle, and triangle, all having similar capabilities to those found on the Xbox controllers.

Reddit client mike24jd showed off an image of his custom Xbox controller to the Xbox Series X subreddit. The Xbox controller was made for a companion of his that had mentioned to have PlayStation face buttons added to the controller instead of the normal Xbox ones. The body of the controller has the appearance of finished metal with silver joysticks, guards, and triggers. The buttons themselves have an opal-like finish and there is a logo on the base providing it with the vibe of a top notch outsider Xbox controller.

The controller looks exceptionally quite smooth in its plan. Mike24jd answered a comment on the post carefully describing the situation on how he made it, referencing that it's half custom and half arranged parts. Either way, it's an intriguing idea, to want PlayStation face buttons on a Xbox controller. It makes a great deal of sense, of course, on the off chance that the player is more familiar with the PlayStation button arrangement than the Xbox arrangement. Almost certainly, the individual who commissioned the controller could have wanted to involve this for PC gaming since Xbox controllers are the absolute most popular on the platform.

The plan of this controller is shocking and has such a remarkable focus on it even with the monochrome color plot. It's not as flashy and colorful as a Xbox custom controller themed to Skyrim, yet it has its own charms like the PlayStation buttons that have an opalescent try to please

Xbox controllers are usually sold in many official plans with Xbox in any event, carrying out its own special version controller for Pride Month. This controller is easily one of the novel with converging of two rivals can now coexist on one controller peacefully.

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