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"Dark Reign" - text-based game, simulator of the Dark Lord


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Aug 17, 2022
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I would like to present my text game, although I am not sure if it is "lovecraftian" enough. The idea was born from a decidedly "lovecraftian" game project "That which sleeps", which unfortunately was never realized. The player takes on the role of a dark entity that has awakened after hundreds of years of sleep and seeks to conquer the world. I must admit that the "protagonist" came out more in the style of the Sauron-like ruler of darkness from classic fantasy, rather than eldritch abomination. In defense, however, I will add that the player character is not the only powerful entity in the game's universe, and during the course of the gameplay he is likely to encounter more eldritch beings with whom he can ally or fight.
Dark Reign by Adeptus7

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