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As one of the most popular professions in Diablo 4, Necromancer has a huge player base. Compared with Barbarian and Druid, Necromancer is less difficult to operate, and the skill panel is also very good, so it is expected that it is popular. Here are the 8 best passive abilities for Necromancers and when to use them.

1. Stand Alone

As a class loved by single-player players, this skill makes this feature even more extremeDetailed explanation of Necromancer skill selection in Diablo 4. "Stand Alone" can reduce enemy damage to the player by 6%, and when 3 bonus points are reached, the damage reduction of "Stand Alone" becomes 18%. But if the player uses summoning, the damage reduction value will be reduced by 2%, so it is best not to even summon undead companions when using this skill.

2. Spiked Armor

As a long-range attack profession, close-range attacks can be said to be elusive. And Spiked Armor realizes this ideal.
When the player is attacked, the thorns on the Spiked Armor will also counterattack the enemy and cause damage, because the damage received will not be reduced, so it is necessary to improve the player's defense.If the player does not have enough gold or items to improve equipment attributes and obtain high defense, I think visit IGGM is a very good channel to obtain Diablo 4 Gold. At that time, you can also use Coupon Code "Water" (5% off) to get more gold.

3. Hellbent Commander

Players can continue to increase the damage of minions by fighting with minions, up to 30%. This skill is very useful for some players who need minions.

4.Tides Of Blood

After the skill is cast, the damage can be increased (5%) by using the blood skill, which is indispensable for some players who like violent aesthetics.

5. Evulsion

Players can use the Evulsion effect in battle to improve the damage or performance of active skills, especially some physical damage skills that are not outstanding.

6. Crippling Darkness

This skill is quite special, this skill does not cause damage to the enemy. Correspondingly, there is a probability of causing a stun effect on the enemy. And this effect can be superimposed, for some players who have always been lucky, this is simply a magical skill.

7. Death's Embrace

Very bold name, and the effect is also very good. This skill can reduce the enemy's damage to itself by 3%, and at the same time it can cause 2% damage to the enemy. Although the value does not seem very high, if you are in a crusade and other scenes and face many enemies at once, you cannot ignore the importance of this skill at all.

8. Amplify Damage

As the name suggests, purely augmented damage. Simple, unpretentious and functional.

In addition, for the character, a good external equipment and weapons are also very important, which can give you a great boost in combat effectiveness. For some players with poor equipment attributes and unlucky players, Buy Diablo IV Items will bring them a lot of improvement.

I hope the above introduction can be helpful to you, and I hope you can gain more fun in Diablo 4.

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