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Fifa 2023 coming???


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Sep 5, 2022
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World Cup Qatar 2022 and FIFA Women's World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023 will also be added to the game later as free content.

On the other hand, Electronic Arts confirmed that it will offer Cross-Play in all 1v1 modes including FIFA Ultimate Team and Online Friendlies. Note that the crossplay mode will be different for each generation. In other words, PlayStation, Xbox X/S, and PC users will create games with a set of 5, and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will join the game.

Below you can see the introduction trailer of the game:

particle for straight object

Electronic Arts has confirmed that the HyperMotion system, which was first used in the previous FIFA, is now improved and called HyperMotion 2, and includes more than 600 high-quality animations. EA promises a "suggestive and result-based shot mechanic" and will also revolutionize free kicks, penalties and corners.

Old features that will be added to the new generation version of FIFA 23:

A new dribbling animation system thanks to HyperMotion 2

Pretend machine system

New acceleration mechanic

Improved physics especially when the ball hits the feet and hands

The Physics of Gate Network Recovery

Playing on the field more realistically and reacting more realistically to player tackles

Below you can see the published images of this game:


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