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Jan 16, 2022
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Fortnite: Battle royal has gone from a tracked on multiplayer mode for middle game in to a cultural power house. It seems like the world has caught fortnite.battle royalefever almost overnight but why?

Part of what makes the game so appealing is its fast paced against all odds gameplay. One hundred players complete is on holds barred death match.whoever comes out on top wins.the concept is similiat to the immensely popular hunger games.you only have one life and once its over you are out of the match.

For more videos click the below to watch now:

🌍Videos 1 :https://oke.io/xZRe

🌍Videos 2 :https://oke.io/gSpnt

🌍Videos 3 :https://oke.io/LIbADo

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