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Sep 5, 2022
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Special Forces Group (Counter 2), reminiscent of the nostalgia of Counter Strike

Counter game is one of the most well-known shooter games in the world and there is almost no gamer who has not heard of it. If you want to experience this famous game on your Android device, you should download Counter 2 game.

Although this game is not the same as Counter Strike, it is similar to it and can give you the same old feeling. So be with us by introducing and reviewing the game Special Forces Group 2 and download it on the Internet at half price. Indeed, in the continuation of the text, we have also mentioned 8 tips for being professional in this game.

The history of various Kanter series

The first version of Counter was offline only and players played it with multiple networked computers. Then, due to the great popularity of the game, the creators went to the development of this game for the Android platform, which eventually became the Counter Special Force Group 2 game.


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