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Corner bet, also known as Corners in English, is no longer unfamiliar to football bettors. With advantages such as simple betting format and high reward ratios, corner bets have attracted a large number of players recently. Here are our guidelines and tips for analyzing corner bets.

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What is a Corner Bet?
A corner bet, or Corners, focuses on predicting the total number of corner kicks and corner-related events in a match, rather than the scoreline. Instead of paying attention to the match result, players need to accurately predict the number of corner kicks and specific corner-related events.
Some bookmakers offer additional betting options for corner bets, such as which team takes the first corner kick or which team takes the last corner kick. Depending on the characteristics of each league, bookmakers provide various corner bet types, with corresponding odds. If your predictions are correct, you can win a considerable amount of money based on the wager you placed.

Popular Corner Bet Types
Similar to Asian Handicap and European handicap bets, corner bets are divided into multiple types. Here are some common corner bet types you should know:

Over/Under Corners Bet
The Over/Under Corners bet, also known as Corners Over/Under, is similar to the popular Over/Under bet on match results. Bookmakers offer this bet type after the match has started and they see potential for corner bets. When participating in this bet, players need to choose either Over or Under, depending on the offered odds. If your selection is correct, you will win and receive corresponding rewards.

First and Last Corner Kick Bets
These bet types often appear in major tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League, Euro, Premier League, La Liga, or high-profile international matches. Players need to predict which team takes the first or last corner kick. If your prediction is correct, you will be rewarded according to the corresponding odds.
Similar to the first corner kick bet, the last corner kick bet follows the same calculation method. If you accurately predict the team that takes the final corner kick, you will receive the corresponding payout based on your wager.
These are the guidelines and details regarding accurate and simple corner bets. We wish you precise betting predictions and the opportunity to win significant rewards!
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Corner Bet 1×2 Odds
Corner bet 1×2, also known as Asian Corners, is a simpler term for corner handicap betting. This type of bet is calculated in a similar way to Asian handicap betting that we often encounter. The player's task is to choose the Win-Draw-Loss outcome along with the corresponding payout ratio determined by each bookmaker.

Corner Handicap Bet
This type of bet is only applied by bookmakers to Asian handicap bets. With this type of bet, the two teams are divided into the upper-handicap team and the lower-handicap team. The player's task is to select which team is the handicapper and which team is being given a handicap. The bookmaker then determines the outcome based on the number of corner kicks. However, the number of corner kicks also depends on each team in the match.

Tips for the Most Accurate Corner Betting Analysis
Although corner bets have a relatively simple betting format, many people still lose in this type of bet because they lack accurate analysis methods and experience in corner kick predictions. Here are some of the most effective corner betting tips shared by experienced bettors.

Research information about the teams
One essential aspect of sports betting is to have a clear understanding of the teams, their playing form, squad strength, and the dynamics between strong and weak teams, as this greatly influences the corner kick odds.
For example, teams participating in the English Premier League often employ long-ball and crossing strategies, resulting in a higher corner kick count when facing taller opponents.
Another aspect to consider is that if a team is cornered or on the verge of being eliminated from the competition, they tend to launch counterattacks and aggressive attacks. Therefore, the corner kick odds for such teams are often high.
These are just a few tips to help you analyze corner bets more accurately. It's important to gather as much information as possible and develop your own strategies to increase your chances of winning in corner kick betting.

Placing Bets from the Start
Typically, in the early stages of a match, if two teams are evenly matched, they often adopt an exploratory playing style. However, once the exploratory phase ends, both teams will exert their efforts, and the beginning of the match is when players from both sides have ample physical stamina.
During this time, both teams strive to score goals against their opponents, making it a favorable period for the occurrence of corner kicks. After gathering information about the participating teams and their players, it is advisable to place your bets from the start as this is when you have a higher chance of winning corner bets.

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Placing Bets in the Final Minutes
In a match, as time progresses towards the final minutes, it becomes more challenging to predict and analyze corner kick bets due to the varying nature of each game. For example, if a team is desperate for points but the on-field scoreline is unfavorable for them, they will need to press the opponent and launch relentless attacks, increasing the likelihood of corner kicks in the final stages of the match.

These are the relevant pieces of information regarding corner bets. Wintips hopes that with these insights and experiences, you will be able to engage in effective football betting and achieve high profits.

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