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Halo Infinite has cat ears now, and people are loving it


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Oct 27, 2021
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As Halo Infinite players are well aware, there’s a wild amount of cosmetics available from both the battle passes and store that allow players to customize and personalize their Spartan. That being said, it’s likely that no cosmetic added to the game has caused as much of a stir than the Purfect Audio helmet attachment - also known as the cat ears.

This helmet attachment, available as part of the Cat Lovers bundle right now, adds two feline-styled ears on top of your chosen helmet. It comes alongside a gun charm and unique colour scheme for your armour, which’ll allow you to complete the cute cat look.

The bundle costs one thousand credits and is available right now for players to pick up. The community response has been largely positive, with huge numbers of players on the Halo Infinite reddit discussing the cosmetic.

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