How have the rules of the NFT market evolved? and where are they going



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One of the big objections that detractors of the blockchain have mainly had about NFTs, is that it is a market based on speculation that, by its nature, tends to collapse. And the gradual decline that sales in the NFT market have presented in recent months seems to confirm this denialist theory of the importance of these assets, however, there are many other data that confirm that NFT Markeing is evolving in another direction.

There are records about an eventual drop of more than 90% in NFT exchanges within different marketplaces, as well as secondary markets, there is also evidence of an excessive supply of sellers in contrast to a proportion of buyers of 5 to 1. It is about of real data that nevertheless make us wonder. What is the direction of the NFT market currently?

The evidence shows that the NFT Boom , which reached its climax in mid-2021, currently by natural consequence, is at an important turning point where the express sale of million-dollar NFT collections and pieces of art is no longer a way efficient to compete in the market. Where currently, a large percentage of NFT marketplace development projects are characterized by not selling added values beyond their pieces. It is a fact that the value of an NFT piece is quoted in many ways by the marketing capacity that it offers in secondary markets.

The evolution in the rules of the NFT market then tends definitively to highlight the qualities that make an NFT project a valuable alternative to follow and invest.

Gone are the days where a single piece could sell for thousands of dollars, or a collection would hit the sold-out with nothing more to offer than the token itself. Currently there are many values attached and external to the blockchain, which make this an interesting long-term investment.

The speculative nature of the NFT market throughout this time taught a lesson that the NFT investing public has eventually learned. And it is that once an NFT piece or a collection has lost traction and public interest, its value is also affected. In this way, investors and NFT communities have learned that the value of a token lies in the qualities of the project, and in the level of health of its community.

This raises a basic necessity in any NFT launch, but also closes a discussion about the speculative value of this market. It is, of course, that the launch of a new NFT can guarantee from its roadmap a constant and sufficiently interesting evolution to allow the growth of its community to be solid throughout all its phases.

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