How will the Metaverse affect our lives?



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Some time ago, Facebook, the fifth largest company in the world by market value, changed its name to Meta, determined to enter the Metaverse, and first-line investment institutions such as Sequoia Capital, Hillhouse Capital, and Wuyuan Capital have all entered the market. Everyone has a broad understanding of this concept, but it is very vague. Just like the Internet + and new retail era proposed before, it is very familiar and very strange. Metaverse Development Company does not need to be explained in those technical terms. In one sentence, it is to create a universe in the virtual world that is infinitely close to the real world. So how do you seize your opportunities in this wave? The following, as the authoritative information platform of the Metaverse industry, “Metaverse Business Information” will take you into the Metaverse.


To build a real world in the virtual world is the metaverse. Its engineering cost is very huge, and the injection of capital must be selective. The construction of the virtual world must start from the game industry and the social industry. In the game world, metaverse games need to be interoperable. To give a simple example, the rewards you get in one game can be converted into currency and brought into another game, or the skin you bought in the game of eating chicken can be worn in the glory of the king. To do this, you need a unified currency in the virtual world, as well as a complete system of weights and measures. In order to assign asset attributes to virtual items, blockchain technology must be used. It is not possible for game development programmers to change a code to change virtual items, and there will be no game plug-ins.

This is why Facebook proposed to enter the metaverse, and the virtual currency rose a wave, but the Metaverse Development Services does not necessarily use blockchain currency, because the characteristics of blockchain currency are decentralized and uncontrollable, which will lead to The economy will also be uncontrollable, so that those who enter the game first will control most of the currency. Maybe the country will enter the issuance of metaverse currency and carry out unified macro-control. This will also lead to not only one metaverse. This is also a collision between major countries. I will stand in line again, because funds will flow crazily through the metaverse to the currency system of the country you are standing in. Maybe in the future there will be a metaverse of our country, a metaverse of Europe, and a metaverse of other countries.

After Facebook entered the Metaverse, my country’s NetEase and Tencent also announced their entry into the Metaverse. Some people have already thought of an opportunity to make money, maybe it can be called an opportunity to pick up money, everyone can think about it carefully, what changes will the Metaverse bring to our lives? Musk unveiled the first generation of brain-computer interface. A pig’s behavioral signal can be read through a computer. Don’t underestimate its role. This also shows that the future of human-computer interaction is promising. If the brain-computer interface can be connected to your sensory nerves, you can see the world of the metaverse without opening your eyes, you can feel the touch of characters in the virtual world, and you can eat delicious meals in the virtual world. Will you pay for these virtual worlds that you can actually feel? Why is it said that social networking is as favored by capital as games? Just imagine, when you enter the virtual world, do you want to redefine your appearance? When the brain-computer interface can link human senses, you can see him in virtual reality, you can touch the other person, you can go shopping, eat together, watch movies with her, and fall in love together.


In fact, there are already blockchain products, such as NFT avatars, paintings, and accessories and shoes. Some avatars have been sold for tens of millions of dollars, and those virtual clothes and shoes also range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. NFT The Chinese translation of is a non-homogeneous token, non-homogeneous, representing its unique characteristics in the virtual world. NFT is a digital commodity, which can be capitalized. Just like the land in the American Decentraland game that often held events recently was sold for 2.43 million US dollars. This land is NFT. Everything in the virtual world can be turned into NFT. You put a A painting, a photo, a sound, or a video are made into NFT and uploaded, and you become their only collector in the virtual world, and then you put them online for sale. At present, this aspect is still a blue ocean. With a perfect brain-computer interface, in the next step, you can get married in the metaverse, you can have another home of your own in the metaverse, and even have children in the metaverse, and the children will be unified with the sperm in the real world The best match is selected in the egg bank, and then the baby is born through test tube. After birth, the brain-computer interface is directly connected to the metaverse. Maybe the first thing the child sees when he opens his eyes is you in the metaverse. The child’s education can be carried out in the metaverse, and can be transmitted back to the brain through the brain-computer interface. You don’t need to take care of the middle-aged baby, and the country takes care of it in a unified way. You have your own home, your own partner, and your own children in the Metaverse.

Some people may be worried, running and jumping in the Metaverse, what will happen to your body in reality? Whether it will also run and jump, there is no need to worry. Because now you have made preparations for the future, in order to protect you from danger due to body movements when you are dreaming, you have cut off the link between your consciousness and your body. You can be on the scene, but your body can’t move, so some people will say, if you are addicted to the metaverse, what should you do in real life? You have to make money to eat. Where there are people, there are jobs. In the Metaverse, you can work to make money, design buildings, design appearances, design virtual clothes, chefs match new dishes, there are intermediaries to introduce houses to you, doctors study drugs, and scientists do scientific research. Wait, this is also the future career direction, as long as there are people, there are jobs.


The same is true for the metaverse. You can work in the metaverse to make money, spend money in the metaverse, buy a house, buy a car, eat a big meal, and even buy real-life services in the Metaverse Development solutions, such as maintaining a real body. Normal nutrition, such as seeing a doctor and doing surgery on your real body. Under such circumstances, would you still care about houses and cars in the real world, and would you still get married and have children in real life? Perhaps at that time, the newborn baby will never see the real world for the rest of his life, and the robots produced by the Metaverse will be used to make test-tube babies in a unified way, and the birth will be managed in a unified way, so that the consciousness will be sent into the reality of the Metaverse. The robot maintains physical growth and vital sign awareness, and receives education and growth in the Metaverse.


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The metaverse has many potential applications, from providing new ways to work and have fun, to creating immersive learning and improving existing social networks. With its enormous potential, the development of the Metaverse can be used to help us learn new skills, build relationships, and connect with others around the world.


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