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I really hope Resurrections leads to a Matrix video game revival


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Oct 27, 2021
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The existence of a fourth Matrix movie has awakened something in me. I always knew I liked those movies - yes, even Reloaded and Revolutions, though to a lesser extent than the first - but I never really realized quite how much they meant to me. As somebody who was in their early teens when the sequels released, the Matrix was just about the coolest shit imaginable. What I’ve realized now is that those movies grabbed me in the same sort of way I imagine Star Wars grabbed kids in the seventies. They are, in a way, my Star Wars.

So, naturally, I’m excited for the fourth one. In particular, I’m intrigued and pumped to see that the film appears to actually have something to say about nostalgia, reboots, sequels, and our love of things we already know. There’s clearly lots of nods to the past, but the trailers and footage released appears to paint them as more purposeful to the film as a whole than the typical soft reboot template championed and cemented as a box office winner by The Force Awakens.

But another thing has me excited for the return of The Matrix: its potential as a video game. The lore and world the Wachowskis created feels practically tailor-made for video games, and indeed it’s no surprise that both of The Matrix’s creators are big video game fans themselves. You can see the influence of games in The Matrix as much as you can the influence of Hong Kong action cinema, really - and every time it’s been converted over to video games it’s been, at the very least, okay.

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