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IGGM.com: Top 20 deals every day to grab Elden Ring Runes


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Jul 7, 2022
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Even though it's been a few months since Elden Ring's release, there are still hidden details that some players haven't discovered. Let's discuss it.

I wonder if careful players have noticed that some bosses in Elden Ring are reused, such as Radagon's Red Wolf. Radagon's Red Wolf moves so fast that players can't see the details on them. But there are some jewels on them that some players haven't found. Just like players didn't find out that at IGGM Buy Elden Ring Runes with the code "CSCCA" you can enjoy 5% off.Elden Ring Runes with the code "CSCCA" you can enjoy 5% off.

Another is that there is an invisible structure next to the Forge of Giants, where the player last visited. But there is no clear message yet what exactly it is and what it does. This still needs to be researched.

Dear players, go to IGGM Buy Elden Ring Items, there is a discount for the top 20 every day, hurry up and buy it!

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