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Incredibly satisfying video turns a lamp, hoover and toaster into hilarious FPS reload animations


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Oct 27, 2021
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There’s something about animations in video games that make them endlessly satisfying. It’s no wonder then, that we often wish life was a little more like a video game – minus the never-ending violence. Well, wonder no more fellow gam3rz, as one Twitter and Tik Tok user has decided to make the mundane infinitely more exciting by turning objects into weapons from a first-person shooter.

Reloading everything from a Dyson vacuum to a children’s toy, a toaster and even a …lamp, Kommander Karl sure has nailed the satisfying feel of reloading a weapon in a shooter. I mean, have you ever wanted to reload a lamp so badly?! Sure, we all get that sneaking lamp-reload urge from time to time, but damn does this dude make that lamp look powerful.

It turns out, that trusty toaster paid a great price for this piece of entertainment. Don’t worry noble little bread warmer – your sacrifice will not be forgotten. Bonus points for using the M1 Garand ping.

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