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The concept of metaverse is to create the second “virtual parallel time and space” in the human world through immersive technology. People can work, socialize and entertain through virtual identities. It seems far away from us, but in fact, existing technology and investment in life There have been many initial applications in Metaverse Development Company. The following “ Internet Thermometer “ sorts out the top ten hot topics to see what the first wave of participants are discussing?

No.10 Virtual Idol, VTuber​

Metaverse fills people’s imagination, not only economics and social interaction, but also the entertainment industry may also have new forms, such as virtual idols and virtual YouTubers (VTuber), which are becoming more and more popular, are considered to be a new trend.
Whether it’s the real-life Korean girl group aespa launching virtual characters, or Japan’s VTuber industry sweeping the world, you can see that the entertainment industry is going virtual everywhere. With more sophisticated technology and team operations, the market acceptance has become higher. Will it be possible in the future? There is a place in the universe that is highly anticipated.

No.9 Memory block chain technology​

If you want to understand what the metaverse is, you must first understand the memory block chain technology. The biggest feature of the memory block chain is “decentralization” . Or, the anti-tampering technology has now been applied to virtual currency and NFT.
In the future, how human beings will transfer their identities and assets to another virtual parallel world, the memory block chain is regarded as a major basic project of the Metaverse.

No.8 Virtual Currency​

Before Facebook raised the metaverse issue, there was already a wave of global virtual currency enthusiasm. First, Bitcoin reached a new high in the past years, and then Tesla CEO Musk continued to support this type of cryptocurrency through Twitter, announcing that he would use SpaceX put “Dogecoin” on the moon, and it really increased the value of the currency.

Soon after, the topic of the Metaverse Development Services became hotter, and everyone was more optimistic that virtual currency would be the first ticket to enter the metaverse, which once again drove the market volume of the currency circle , hoping to see a more stable economic ecology of cryptocurrencies in the metaverse.

Inventory of the 10 most popular topics in the Metaverse! no.1 is neither NFT nor Metaverse

No.7 AI artificial intelligence​

In the process of technological progress, AI plays an important role. This technology realizes “human intelligence” through computer programs, which can be seen everywhere in our lives. From facial recognition, robots, voice assistants, etc., this kind of technology must be “meta “Universe” , in the future, people must combine devices with AI and other technologies to truly live in another virtual universe. This has also attracted more and more technology companies to focus on the development of AI.

No.6 NFT​

Recently, NFT non-homogeneous tokens, a new term for super-tamping technology, use the memory block chain technology to trade digital image files, music, and videos through NFT , so that buyers “own the right to register”. The art circle became popular, and then singer Huang Mingzhi and salted crispy chicken merchants put their songs and products on the shelves, attracting a large number of buyers to bid. Although the concept of this transaction is novel, it has also received attention again as the topic of the metaverse rises.

Inventory of the 10 most popular topics in the Metaverse! no.1 is neither NFT nor Metaverse

No.5 5G technology​

The core concept of Metaverse is to allow people to live in another parallel virtual world, so 5G technology for faster mobile communication has become a hot topic. Although 5G technology has been launched for one year, the number of users is still low, but Metaverse Development solution Creating an infinite future for 5G is regarded as an important infrastructure for development.
Not only telecom operators have announced that they will invest large sums of money in researching business opportunities, but related emerging companies are also favored, and the topic is hot again.

No.4 Semiconductor Technology​

Semiconductors are component materials for information processing. Taiwan has solid manufacturing technology and plays an important role in the global market. Whether it is mobile phones, computers or earphones, semiconductors are the basic raw materials for 3C products.
As the topic of the metaverse rages on, semiconductors are also viewed favorably. They are the foundation of all constructions of the metaverse . In addition to rising voices, they also continue to gain momentum in the stock market, which is expected to make overall profits. A lot of voices also come from investment-related discussions.

No.3 large-scale online game e-sports​

Thinking of metaverse applications, most people’s first impression is “entertainment games”, which transfer virtual identities to another space to break through levels, race cars, etc. Therefore, after the topic of metaverse broke out, “sand games” featuring large maps, high freedom and player interaction features Box games” became the focus.
For example, “Minecraft” (Minecraft) can build its own house and hold a virtual ceremony. In addition, “Roblox” (Roblox) also seized this trend and released virtual currency, and users can hold virtual concerts in it. , and cooperated with many brands of clothing , so that virtual characters can also enjoy the fun of dressing up, and the revenue has exploded.

No.2 metaverse concept stock/ETF​

Facebook brought up the topic of the Metaverse, which aroused high attention from global investors. They believed that this unknown field was full of business opportunities. Investing in Metaverse concept stocks and ETFs became the most direct and fast way for the public to participate in the Metaverse , creating a lot of discussions.
Following the shipping boom, Taiwan stocks were taken over by the “concept stocks” of Metaverse. Many investors who did not become One Piece followed suit, and related stock prices also soared. “ETF” also performed well. American investment company Roundhill After Investments released the world’s first Metaverse ETF , the stock price soared 8 times in three months.
Taiwan stocks have also caught up with the upsurge. Recently, Fubon Investment Trust also launched the Fubon Metaverse ETF . Through the screening of the Solactive Metaverse Token Development Company Index, it can truly participate in 30 stocks such as Metaverse infrastructure, AR/VR, etc., and provide diversified and relatively stable targets for investment. people choose.

NO.1 AR/VR Technology​

To allow people to swim in the virtual world in the metaverse, “immersive” experience is a very important part . It is no longer just typing through the keyboard or mobile phone, but to allow people to experience the metaverse. AR, VR technology, whether it is AR augmented reality or VR virtual reality, through devices and technology, this kind of technology allows people to enter the 3D virtual scene no longer have a sense of distance , instead it is full of novel experiences.

Just like the protagonist in the movie “Tier 1 Player”, although he is in a small space, he can still drive in the metaverse. Now this kind of immersive technology is not only used in entertainment such as electric vehicles, but also commercially used by real estate agents to let customers House viewing and construction projects can also be executed with more three-dimensional blueprints in the early and mid-term. Therefore, the development of AR and VR technology is considered an important key to getting closer to the metaverse.

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