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Learn about oil and gas boilers


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Aug 17, 2022
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Learn about oil and gas boilers Oil-fired gas boilers refer to boilers that can use both oil and gas. A boiler that can only use oil is called an oil-fired boiler, and a boiler that can only use gas is called a gas-fired boiler.Slender Shaft Vacuum Quenching News If the boiler is equipped with an oil-fired gas dual-fuel burner, then the boiler is an oil-fired gas boiler. Oil-fired gas boiler is a relatively general concept. Oil-fired gas boilers are mainly divided into boiling water boilers, hot water boilers, steam boilers and heat transfer oil boilers. When purchasing, choose different oil-fired gas boilers according to their own purposes.Four stages of cemented carbide vacuum sintering Oil-fired gas boilers are different from coal-fired boilers in that they require a burner to inject fuel into the boiler hearth, and use a fire chamber to burn without using a grate facility. Since no fuel ash is produced after the combustion of the oil-fired gas boiler, the oil-fired gas boiler does not need a slag discharge facility. If the oil and gas injected into the furnace are mixed with air within a certain range or extinguished, it is easy to explode. Vacuum Heat Treatment of Cast Steel Valve SeatsTherefore, oil-fired gas boilers need to use automated combustion and control systems. The oil-fired gas boiler has a compact structure. The small boiler body and its ventilation, water supply, control and auxiliary equipment are all set on a distribution box. The large and medium-sized boilers can also be assembled and shipped.Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Mold Vacuum Heat Treatment News

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