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Lineage 2 Revaluation


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May 29, 2022
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Lineage 2: Revolution First Impressions Gameplay​

Lineage 2

Lineage 2: Revolution just came out in Korea and I've got my hands on it with my Android tablet. It's one gorgeous looking game! A lot of what I see is familiar since it uses a lot of similar systems from other mobile ARPGs that have been on the market. But it certainly sets itself apart from the competition with its amazing looking graphics and overall quality. Lineage 2: Revolution is a free to play game only available right now for Korea but may become available for other languages such as English later. According to some reports I've seen, the game is confirmed to have a global launch for other countries early 2017. I'll keep you guys updated on a possible localization and release date as I learn about it. In the meantime, I'll be digging deep into this game, translating Korean to English and uploading more gameplay and guides to show off the various features and game modes.

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