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MTG Double Masters 2 Reprint Means You Can Afford This Staple Now


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Jul 1, 2022
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The upcoming Magic: The Gathering reprint set Double Masters 2022 will assist players with affording old staple cards like Imperial Seal and Liliana, the Last Hope. The upcoming Draft and Collector Boosters will convey new borderless and foil-etched treatments of classic cards to assist with filling out any player's deck. Magic: The Gathering Double Masters were also released back in 2020, and this year new reprints will appear for players to appreciate.

The Double Masters set from 2020 released extremely popular Magic: The Gathering cards back onto the market with new artwork and increased availability for players looking to add them to their deck. The 2020 reprint brought back strong staples like Tempered Steel and Myrsmith, and Double Masters 2 looks to do the same this year. The Double Masters 2022 announcement stream, hung on June 7, revealed the return of strong cards like Liliana, the Last Hope, Wrenn and Six, and Bring to Light. While these cards are not all powerhouses all alone, they synergize well with other artifact cards. The MTG Double Masters 2022 reprints promise to convey new art and foil treatments, and now the set has been officially disclosed.

A Magic: The Gathering blog entry details the upcoming Double Masters 2 release, which will allow players another opportunity at opening rare staple cards. The new borderless versions of these cards will feature original artwork, while rare foil-etched editions will maintain the original art. Each Double Masters 2022 Draft Booster and Collector Booster will contain a plethora of reprints for fans to discover and use while fleshing out their deck. The newest Masters set will also include Cryptic Spires, a brand-new card that helps smooth out the Draft format's mana system. Double Masters 2022 will be available to Magic: The Gathering fans on July 8.

While Masters reprints assist with making old cards accessible, Magic: The Gathering cards can still get incredibly expensive. For example, Post Malone owns a Magic: The Gathering card estimated to be worth around $800,000. The American rapper and singer is known for his interest in MTG, and he recently revealed that he owns a Black Lotus card signed by series artist Chris Rush. The already rare card is made considerably more valuable with the addition of the artist's signature, justifying the $800,000 sticker price that makes it the most expensive MTG card on the planet.

It can be difficult for fans to get their hands on more established Magic: The Gathering cards, but Double Masters 2022 will make this prospect a lot easier. At the point when it launches on July 8, the new set will bring staple cards like Imperial Seal and Liliana, the Last Hope back into circulation. With brand-new borderless art and foil-etched finishes, Double Masters 2022 will be a great opportunity to flesh out any Magic: The Gathering deck.

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