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Antier Solutions is an experienced DAO software development company that provides DAO coin development services to its clients. From finance to insurance, we create DAO platforms tailored perfectly to diverse industries and business models. We understand the immediate need to embrace DeFi 2.0. For a DeFi platform like Olympus DAO, we offer modules such as staking, bonding, and 3,3 together. Our Blockchain engineers and domain experts work together to offer diligently-crafted solutions to help their clients accomplish business goals. From token creation to marketplace development, we have proven experience across an array of Blockchain development services. For more information, visit

Get More Detail: Phone: +91 172 4008460, +91 987 83 62625
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Olympus DAO clone script:

Olympus DAO clone script is an authentic replica of the original Olympus DAO, that acquires all the enhanced features and functionalities. The most interesting part of this Olympus DAO clone script is completely open customization. In other terms, this defi 2.0 solution is modified according to your business ideas. With the support of this customization process, the time taken to be done has relied on the features you inserted according to your own ideas.

Checklist of the Olympus DAO clone:

Blockchain Network: Any preferred network
Script type: Decentralized finance clone script.
Issuance Blockchain: Ethereum
Version: Version 1.0
Additional APIs-All prime APIs(Customs)

Special Characteristics of Olympus DAO clone script:
  1. Swapping
  2. Framing
  3. Crypto wallet integration
  4. Staking voting
  5. Liquidity pools
  6. Lottery
  7. IFO
  8. Bonding
Eight Forks of Olympus DAO:
  1. Wonderland (TIME)
  2. Klima DAO (KLIMA)
  3. Rome DAO (ROME)
  4. Snowbank (SB)
  5. Hector DAO (HEC)
  6. Spartacus (SPA)
  7. Invictus (IN)
  8. TaiChi DAO (TAC)
A brief note for OHM token:

The Olympus protocol has developed a reserve cryptocurrency called OHM. However, OHM should not be the same as Tether or USDC as both are stablecoins. The OHM tokens are issued and backed by it with a reserve of valuable assets.

OHM Tokenomics

The price of one OHM - is $214.91(At the time of writing)

Total supply - 6.90 million OHM

The circulating supply - is 6.86 million OHM.

The features of our Olympus DAO clone script:

Our Olympus DAO clone script acquires the features for the investors and traders like

Bonding Mechanism:

This mechanism lets the platform provide its own liquidity.


OHM Token staking offers rewards to protocol users.

Managed Treasury Protocol:

It is a prominent protocol that holds all the assets in the protocol.

Protocol-owned liquidity:

That means actually the amount of the liquidity provider the treasury earned and controlled. The more protocol-owned liquidity, the good for the users and protocol.

If you are also seeking the Olympus DAO clone script in the crypto spaces to build a Defi-based protocol. WeAlwin Technologies is a leading Defi development company that helps your business become unique compared to your competitor. We delivered successful projects on time at an affordable price.

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Mail-id: [email protected]
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Telegram: Alwin Tech |


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