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NFT marketplace for Entertainment Industry


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Mar 7, 2022
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Novuszilla is one of the best NFT Marketplace for Entertainment industry to buy and sell Nft’s. Novuszilla is a complete crypto exchange platform where you can trade crypto currency and coin called novuscoin. Novuszilla is bound with Novuscoin which is an artist-driven coin where 20 % of the coins are held and reserved for the artist.Novuszilla NFT Marketplace is an complete platform for artist now artists can sell their NFT’s to a big fan database as Novuszilla connected to multiple nodes with different NFT Platforms all over the world.Their connection with the most popular artist makes their NFT collection and the overall platform to be admireable. Novuszilla NFT commercial center has made a point to help the specialists and public by presenting numerous blockchain innovations and charging zero commission expenses. Selling, buying and creation of NFT’s has been made easy with this platform. Register Novuszilla today.
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