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Persona Composer Shoji Meguro Independently Developing a New Stealth RPG, Guns Undarkness


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Oct 27, 2021
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The longtime composer for the Persona series, Shoji Meguro, is branching out independently to bring a brand new stealth RPG to Steam. Guns Undarkness takes place in a post-nuclear war version of Earth in the year 2045 where a member of a private military will realize “true love” and lead humanity to a higher level of existence. Gameplay is divided into two parts: Stealth movement on a battlefield and a turn-based command-style combat system.

In a social media post, Meguro explained that he’s been working on RPGs in his spare time and that he resigned from Atlus in order to devote more time towards the development of Guns Undarkness. Persona fans, however, can let out a collective sigh of relief as Meguro still intends to work with Atlus on game music.

No official release date has been announced, but Guns Undarkness does have an official Steam page to monitor progress.

Source: Persona Central

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