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Play to Earn (P2E) nft games. PlanetQuest, Illuvium, GodsUnchained


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Jan 19, 2022
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PlanetQuest is an NFT game still in development, but already NFT's are available and traded on ImmutableX and Tokentrove, which means no gas-fee!
The project is still in it's early phases, so a good increase in NFT prices is to be expected!
Just by joining and verifying you get a free NFT, no purchase necessary! Game gear and planets are NFT's that will give you advantages ingame or can be traded as an investment!

Follow this link to join and give me credit for the invite!

Illuvium is another NFT game á la Pokémon. The Monsters are NFT's which you own and can trade. Soon there will be a land sale. Owning land will give you resources to use ingame!

GodsUnchained is a card game á la Heartstone where you own the cards and they are tradable on Immutable.
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