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Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon - We Have Liftoff


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Oct 27, 2021
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By Ilmari
I wonder if there’s any rockets around here

Starting the game filled me with a sense of deja-vu. The interface - car dashboard - is just like in the first game, Putt-Putt has the same silly grin and there’s even the smiling Sun. And even more. The game had spent no time in revealing my destination - I was supposed to go to a nearby firework factory - but I took my time clicking every hotspot and checking for hidden animations.
Chekhov’s lever
When I finally arrived to the factory, its owner greeted me and took me to a conveyor belt, where the fireworks were made. This was essentially a mini-game where I could choose shapes (hearts, stars etc.) that would come out of a firework. After shooting few of those, I started to investigate the factory further. Say, what’s this window over here? Let’s open it so that a butterfly can come in.
I think I know where this is heading…
Bull’s eye
My pet dog jumped toward the butterfly and landed on the lever that was not to be touched. This released a large firework, which just happened to take Putt-Putt with it.
Does Putt-Putt’s insurance cover this?
The rocket flew to space, leaving Putt-Putt stranded.
Conveniently the dog got a helmet somewhere
After meeting few improbable things, like a catstronaut tied to a rocket, Putt-Putt arrived to the Moon and landed on its surface with no problem.
So, where geographically are the hands Earth has?
Driving around the lunar surface, I met a group of mice tourists. They suggested that Putt-Putt could use a rock with an upward slope to gain some momentum and launch himself to space. This suggestion fails miserably, as the gravity of the Moon pulls the car back after a short flight.
Every crater has something hidden in it
The next point of interest on the Moon’s surface was a cave. This was an apparently optional mini-game, where Putt-Putt and dog played hide and seek in a labyrinth.
I guess Moon must have oxygen in the Putt-Putt universe since a) the dog survives without a helmet and b) Putt-Putt, a gasoline car, is able to move around.

Thank you for playing Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon, Would you like to a) Restart, b) Restore, c) Quit?
A bridge with a sign saying Caution? I’ll vote for driving through it. After centerpiece of the bridge collapses, Putt-Putt falls to some moon goo. With nothing else to do, I try pressing the honk, which is the right solution. Rover left to the Moon by astronauts hears Putt-Putt’s call, rescues him and fixes the bridge.
Were the astronauts humans?

Putt-Putt also receives a picture of Moon
Rover tells Putt-Putt that he would also like to get back to Earth and that he knows a rocket used as an ice cream kiosk, which the owners might be willing to part with for a fair prize.
So the ice cream sellers need a helmet, but local birds don’t?
The owners asked ten moon crystals for their rocket (I think I now know where I have to use math). The rocket was also missing some crucial parts - nose cone, key, steering wheel and some fuel. I now had my mission set out for me.

The game so far has been simple enough, and I suppose the rest won’t be that difficult either. Still, people were complaining, when I completed the first Putt-Putt in one post, so I’ll end the post here, where it is thematically appropriate.

Session time: 45 min
Total time: 45 min

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