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Shooting techniques in CrossFire _ Gameplay



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Dec 18, 2021
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Shooting techniques in CrossFire | Gameplay

CrossFire Guide & Walkthrough


Strafing is present in every FPS game. Strafing is about remaining in constant movement to the sides (rarely forward and backwards), or moving in circles (within a very short range, if you want to run around your opponent). It is very important to keep the reticle on the target at all times, which may require practice. After you start playing against real-life opponents, you have to realize that they will move around, duck and even jump, which will have you predict their moves.

is a technique that comes in handy when using a weapon. It is about abrupt stopping to take the most accurate shot possible. To perform a Stutter-step you should:

Move in a given direction (e.g. D).

Release the direction key (D).

Tap the opposite movement key immediately (A) to stop.

Take a shot.

Stutter-step is difficult to pull off and it requires lots of practice, but once you master it, you will be able to stop in a single spot and take a shot at the moment you spot the opponent. To practice this technique, you can use the shooting range, where you will be able to practice against human-shaped targets. remember to keep the reticle on the opponent's head, while practicing.

Controlling corners
While navigating the map, you should remember about checking out all corners, crooks and crannies, passes and other obstacles. Outside of combat, always try to keep the reticle right behind the corner or wall/obstacle where the opponent may appear. By following this rule, you will be able to take a shot immediately after an opponent appears within sight.

Using obstacles and covers
CrossFire maps have been designed to allow players to take cover behind various obstacles such as walls, barrels, crates and containers. You can use them in the form of cover and lean out from behind them by strafing to take several shots and return to safety. Obstacles also allow you to toss a grenade while holding a safe position, or to reload your weapon.

Single shot
Single shot as a technique requires control, because the reticle movement has to be conscious and each shot taken precise. The single shot technique is used for firing at longer ranges, thanks to which you can remain in constant movement. While using this technique, you should remember to take single, or double shots and stop firing to compensate for recoil. During this stoppage, you can strafe to change positions and take another shot. It should be pointed out that this technique is effective only when you fire while standing still, e.g. after you have finished your movement. Good sides of this technique are:

Low ammo consumption.

Ability to remain in movement.

Complete elimination of recoil.

Maximum control of the reticle.

Firing in bursts
Firing in bursts is arguably the most popular of all techniques and it consists of firing 3-7 rounds in succession, while compensating for recoil, usually by dragging it slightly downwards. This techniques can be employed with nearly all weapons and it is the most effective over medium and short distance. It should be noted that firing in bursts requires a stable position, i.e. you have to stand still for maximum accuracy. Upsides of this technique are:

Medium ammo consumption.

High mobility.

Good accuracy.

A burst can be lethal even if you miss the opponent's head. Still, always try to target upper parts of the opponent's body.

Spraying is the most difficult technique to master because it requires you to learn the weapon's mechanics to control its recoil. Spraying is about conducting continuous fire up until the moment that the clip is emptied, while controlling recoil. Spraying is usually used over short distance, where the chance of hitting the target is the highest. Upsides of this technique are:

Possibility of eliminating several targets, if only they are close to each other.

If you know that the enemy is lurking at the other side of the smokescreen, you can try sprayin


With time your weapon will be wearing out and losing accuracy, which is why it is important to get into the habit of repairing it. Reticles of worn weapons are so large that it is nearly impossible to hit the desired target. You can pay for repairs with GP points that you obtain after each match you play. Also, toy should remember that after selling a worn weapon, you will receive an amount of GP reduced by the number of points it would cost to repair it.

Click here to watch my shooting techniques and movements.

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