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Steps to download Minecraft beta for Bedrock Edition


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Aug 18, 2022
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1) Open the store app on any device​

The beta & preview Bedrock Edition is available only on iOS, Windows, and Xbox. For Windows and Xbox, players can head to the Xbox app installed on their devices. For iOS users, the beta & preview version is only accessible through Apple's test flight program, allowing users to test beta versions of any app.
2) Search for the beta & preview game version
Once in the Xbox app, players can search for 'Minecraft Preview.' Loads of search results will show up, in which players will be able to find the beta & preview game version. Players who have already bought the Bedrock Edition can download the beta & preview version for free. Otherwise, the Xbox app will ask users to buy the game first.
3) Update the beta & preview the game version
If players already own and have the beta & preview version installed on their device, there will be an 'Update' button once they go to the main page. Players can download the latest Minecraft beta for Bedrock Edition. The download progress can be seen by clicking on the bottom left corner. The update is fairly small. Hence, downloading should not take long.
4) Open the beta & preview the game normally
Once the beta & preview game version is successfully installed or updated, players can open the Minecraft beta for Bedrock Edition. The game will open normally and players can explore all the new features and fix bugs.
With Minecraft beta, Mojang brought many changes to the spectator mode, chest boats, items, mobs, etc. As Bedrock Edition gears up to receive the long-awaited spectator mode, players are extremely excited to see another Java Edition exclusive feature being added to the other edition.
Watch it here: ShrinkMe.io

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