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The voice of the people in the containment area of Shanghai


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Jul 23, 2022
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The voice of the people in the containment area of Shanghai

As a Shanghai citizen, I am in the epicenter of this epidemic. As a scholar, I feel very uncomfortable when I look at "Exhausted Shanghai", "Baymax" and "the god beast at home".

What is terrible about this epidemic is not the physical harm caused by "COVID-19 omicron", but the psychological harm caused to people. Why do I say that?

Because from the beginning of March to now, Shanghai has more than 40 thousand close to 50 thousand positive patients, (asymptomatic + local + overseas input), I do not know if you have found, the mortality rate is 0, both happy and worried. Since the death rate is relatively low, why will there be a feeling of being out of breath, when I see the scene of no one on the streets of the bustling city, the more it looks the more desolate people feel, why, this epidemic will make the public so panic, anxiety and worry.

In the ten days when I was detained, I found that the government and the medical sector had done so much work but still could not be "recog阿nized" by everyone, and there was even abuse and criticism.

I think the most important reason is communication problems. The government and the public have not reached an agreement on the concept of "Omicron", and there is a great misunderstanding on the issues of treatment, whether to take medicine or not, home isolation and not to stay at home. It is now possible to update people's knowledge quickly through the Internet. In this way, I think, the government's work will be easier to carry out and easier for people to understand.

How to treat the infected neighbors in the same community correctly, do not look at these patients with colored glasses, the neighborhood committee or property management should give a series of care and help to these patients in home quarantine, neighbors should be closer through this matter, rather than farther and farther. Chinese people say, a distant relative is better than a close neighbor.

Some negative information on the Internet, in fact, the social and psychological harm to people is very big, because a lot of information is sent in own mood, send information perception of things is usually stands in their own perspective rather than a global perspective, but you can know after sent out information to see is multiplier effect, because the crowd behavior is unconscious, impulsive, Changeable, irritable, or susceptible to external interference.

I think as a Chinese, first of all to love the country, as a Shanghainese, first of all to love Shanghai, I do not say how much we have to do this epidemic contribution, at least each of us lift a finger is not to the country or not to the fight against the epidemic disorder.

Come on, Shanghai! Let's work together to tide over the difficulties!

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