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Warzone cheaters seem to be getting a damaging surprise


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Oct 27, 2021
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There’s been another development in the ongoing battle between Warzone cheaters and Activision Blizzard’s Ricochet anti-cheat. It looks as though those using aimbots, programs that allow you to lock onto enemies and take them down without worrying about missed shots, are having their damage decreased significantly mid-game.

While before we’ve reported that some cheaters were starting to break through the initial safeguards added to the game through the implementation of Ricochet, this damage nerf seems to have been stealthily added in a tiny update last Friday.

For a visual representation of how this works, the current top post of the Warzone Reddit shows one such cheater falling victim to this adaptation of the anti-cheat. You can see how as they continue to empty a full magazine into another player, without a single bullet missing or the recoil jumping around at all, the damage scales all the way down. After almost forty shots hit, they barely managed to break through their armour.

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