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Why Meta Warriors Zombie land is so cool


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Jun 14, 2022
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Zombie’s Land - the horrific land flooded with gruesome and bloodthirsty zombies - who, when given the chance, would love nothing more than to bust your brains. Over the course of the last two years, these zombies have evolved into horrific monsters, each with their own unique ability, making Zombie’s Land the most dangerous place on Earth to be

Following are the two gameplay modes set in the Zombie’s Land

Story Mode - In the Story Mode mode, players can dive right into Zombie’s Land by selecting their - where they can slash zombies, blow their heads and enjoy the most engaging storyline in the history of gaming. As they progress, they will be rewarded with NFTs and tokens.

Play Quest - In the Play Quest mode, players can find themselves in Zombie’s Land competing against each other and participating in quests or special events to earn rewards in the form of NFTs and tokens.1_zDUKjAhQDlWCQuM5PpfE-Q.png
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