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  1. Squid

    Halo Infinite has cat ears now, and people are loving it

    As Halo Infinite players are well aware, there’s a wild amount of cosmetics available from both the battle passes and store that allow players to customize and personalize their Spartan. That being said, it’s likely that no cosmetic added to the game has caused as much of a stir than the Purfect...
  2. pcgame

    Halo Infinite is here, check out the beginner’s guide

    Halo Infinite is here, and it’s time to step back into the role of Master Chief. This time, you’ll be exploring the mysterious Zeta Halo in the first open-world Halo game. You’ll still be shooting aliens and driving Warthogs, but you’ll also have a lot more freedom to explore and find some...
  3. Squid

    We're getting a look at Halo Infinite campaign gameplay today

    Thanks to a string of closed betas for Halo Infinite, we've definitely seen and played quite a bit of the game's multiplayer already. But since its much derided showing over a year ago, we've yet to get an updated look at the game's campaign. This changes today, because Microsoft and developer...

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