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    Starfield Will Get Post-Launch DLC Expansions, Bethesda Confirms

    Todd Howard, the director of Starfield and long-time executive maker of Bethesda, has confirmed the upcoming game will get DLC expansions after its release. Starfield's first ongoing interaction trailer was recently shown at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase during Summer Game Fest 2022...
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    Overwatch 2 Closed Beta Dates Announced For PC and Console

    The upcoming Overwatch 2 has uncovered the dates of its closed beta, which will be accessible on PC, and for the first time on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Overwatch 2 was announced at Blizzcon in 2019 and, with the exception of the initial uncover, new information about the sequel has been...
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    At Least 996 Of Starfield's Planets Don't Have Major Cities

    New details on the impending Starfield have been uncovered by the game's director, and it seems as though the vast majority of the title's 1,000 planets won't have major cities. Fan expectations have consistently skyrocketed since the game was first reported in 2018, and a recent Starfield...
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    Bethesda Breaks Silence On Elder Scrolls 6 Development

    After The Elder Scrolls 6 was a flake-out at the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase this previous end of the week, Todd Howard has approached confirming a portion of fans' most horrendously terrible feelings of dread on its ongoing period of development. The Elder Scrolls 6 was first reported in 2018...
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    CD Projekt Studio Could Be Working on a Multiplayer Witcher Game

    In October of 2021, the CD Projekt bunch announced the acquisition of The Molasses Flood: an exceptional studio responsible for popular non mainstream titles like Drake Hollow and The Flame in the Flood. In the final paragraph of the accompanying public statement, it was revealed that the newly...
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    Humankind Rated for Nintendo Switch

    Humankind had some huge news throughout the Summer Game Fest in that the game that is presently just on PC is coming to consoles. However, while the announcement earlier this month detailed the arrival of Humankind on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles, apparently it's also coming to the Nintendo...
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    Custom Xbox Controller Adds PlayStation Face Buttons

    The fight between Xbox fans and PlayStation fans has been progressing, yet most really like to peacefully coexist. When a creative fan made a custom Xbox Series X controller with the face buttons usually seen on a PlayStation controller. Traditionally, Xbox controllers have the accompanying...
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    Ravenlok is a Stylish New Game from the Echo Generation Devs

    It has barely been a year since non mainstream game company Cococucumber released its turn-based adventure title Echo Generation. Critically acclaimed by organizations, for example, the Canadian Indie Game Awards, Echo Generation is known for its remarkable narrating, gameplay, and iconic art...
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    As Dusk Falls is Launching Next Month With Co-Op Support

    While a few games were discussed during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase on Sunday, one of the most one of a kind and invigorating may be As Dusk Falls. The intelligent story got a full trailer during the end of the week occasion that not just reported As Dusk Falls' hotly anticipated release date...
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    Pokemon Magnets Combine Squirtle and TMNT

    However Pokemon as an establishment is known for being restricted by Nintendo's copyright strategies, the establishment has had its reasonable portion of organizations throughout the long term. For instance, Pokemon is banded together with Niantic on Pokemon GO, as well as collaborated with...
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    Pokemon Fan Explains How the Games Have Helped Them With Their Skin Disorder

    The Pokemon establishment isn't anything in the event that not famous in the gaming business, traversing a very long time while seeing monstrous accomplishment since it originally sent off the age 1 games as well as the anime. Watchers and gamers from varying backgrounds have most likely played...

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