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Extension of NFTs in different fields
NFT technology is still unknown to many, since only a small part of its full potential and all its utilities have been shown. Normally it is directly associated with blockchain technology, which is the one used in the field of cryptocurrencies; and also to the fact of carrying out transactions, money withdrawals or payments without the need to use the card; although it has many other uses.

NFTs in gaming
Back in the day, when NFT technology was booming, many gamers were very attracted to such NFT games. This is because this type of game, in addition to being a way to generate income, is also a way to make the player much more involved.

One of the trends in NFT for this 2023 is to launch games of this type with the aim of capturing the curiosity of the audience and ensuring that leisure.

Avatars and NFTs
Another of the projects to be promoted throughout the year is the creation of avatars, allowing users to choose clothes, hairstyles, accessories and other traits using NFT technology . The best thing about this is that each trait has its variables, which allows you to create unique avatars. This can then be used as your own alias on the Internet instead of a personal photo, allowing the user to protect their identity.

Financing through NFT
Through NFT you can also raise funds, as well as receive payments and financing in a safe and fast way. In fact, through this type of technology, the charges become collateral, allowing consumers to receive credit if they need it or have access to new prospective investment opportunities.

Because NFT is based on a technology made up of block chains , with totally secure algorithms, everything is transparent and verifiable, which gives greater confidence.

NFT within artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence is one of the highlights, since more and more brands are applying it in their digital marketing strategies to make them much more effective. As for how this affects an NFT technology, it turns out that it can be created using AI, but one of the trends in NFT for 2023 will be to integrate AI into NFT to offer unique and dynamic experiences . In addition, in this way intelligent avatars could be created with extensive learning capabilities.

NFT in the world of music
Another area where NFT technology can be applied and which is expected to be the case throughout 2023 is music.

Musicians, thanks to this type of technology, as would happen with any other piece of art, can have absolute control over their pieces. Thanks to this, its distribution, if you do not have the copyright, becomes practically impossible.

And these are the trends and news for 2023 within NFT technology, which is expected to go much further and its use will become popular among more users.

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