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Rockstar offers olive branch for PC GTA Definitive edition owners with free game


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Oct 27, 2021
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No matter how you measure it, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition hasn’t had the most successful launch. Marred by a myriad of technical issues and sporting a controversial art style, it’s a release that left both players and critics alike fairly lukewarm. Now, however, Rockstar is hoping a free game will right that wrong.

The PC version in particular stoked fans ire, with The Definitive Edition outright replacing the original games in the trilogy on the Rockstar Games Launcher. Initially the publisher decided to appease fans by gifting them the original releases – but now it has gone one step further. Until the 5th January 2022, PC owners of the Definitive Edition can redeem one of five games here

If, however, you already own the above games or simply aren’t interested in them you can opt to claim either a Great White Shark card in Grand Theft Auto Online or net yourself 55 gold bars in Red Dead Online.

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