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Specifications of a Good Gaming laptop


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Oct 26, 2021
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Are you a gamer? And maybe you have made mistakes in choosing a good gaming laptop in the past, then you are at the right place and maybe at the right time too.

When it comes to the purchase of a laptop whether gaming or not, everyone becomes skeptical.

But unfortunately, after all the skeptical approaches you still go back home buying the wrong gaming laptop.

I happy to say that this article will solve those problems and acquaint you with basic specifications to find in a good gaming laptop.

We are going to go to the extreme to reveal some mysteries if I may say.

Regardless before we begin, what is a Gaming Laptop?

A gaming laptop is simply defined as a laptop built with the capacity to drive high graphics loads without backing down.

These laptops are called beasts, they don’t mess with portability and playability.

It gives you the ultimate performance for your high-end graphics tasks which include gaming, programming, coding and graphics designs.

When it comes to gaming, any system lag can ruin the fun and the joy, it pisses me off to see my COD lagging, I feel like crying.

So a good gaming system will save me that expensive tears, you know right.

In summary, a Good gaming laptop has a unique combination of good battery life, good performance, sleek structure, portability and playability.

Without further ado, here it’s the things to check out, before purchasing or swapping a good gaming laptop.
Specifications of A Good Gaming Laptop
Specifications of a laptop are easier said than seen, when we say specs, we mean the details or the requirements to be found in the laptop.

Specifications of a Good Gaming laptop

Must have High Processor (CPU) and Cores: A high processor is important in a gaming laptop, as it gives you a smooth drive and performance during graphics jobs. The importance of high processors cannot be over-emphasized, the processor is the brain, so faster or higher brain capacity can do much work than low brain capacity. Presently a good gaming laptop able to combat 2021/2022 high graphic appetite will have a generation above 5 and a score above 3(ie core i5 and above). For example, 5th Gen Intel Core i7 with 2.0ghz above.
High Random Access Memory(RAM) sacrosanct: The RAM is an important component in a gaming system because it enables the laptop to process activities optimally, will have 3 types of RAM, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4. Each of them can process activities but modern gaming systems come with RAM DDR4. Let’s see how RAM works, when installing a game or software, RAM makes that happen, When extracting or Transferring files, RAM makes it work. So you see how important.
See more details below.


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Feb 21, 2022
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Great article. :D I totally agree with having a long battery life. With the advent of better power banks, laptops have now followed suit. It isn't hard to find one with 10k mAh upwards and the higher, the better.

There's a reason why the Nintendo Switch was revolutionary even with it's dated graphics — it's because it is portable, and that's the edge of a laptop versus a desktop.

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