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A Video Game for Designing Robots, with Dan White (Podcast)


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Oct 27, 2021
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Interested in learning more about RoboCo and the future of digital robotics? You’re in luck! CEO Dan White and Pius Wong, mechanical and biomedical engineer of Pios Labs in Austin, TX, met to discuss our favorite wholesome sandbox robotics game and more on a new episode of The K12 Engineering Education podcast!

In the episode, titled “A Video Game for Designing Robots, with Dan White,” Dan and Pius discuss what makes an excellent educational video game and what doesn’t, the beginnings of Filament Games and RoboCo, the playfulness and creativity that comes with building robots, what’s next for RoboCo, and much more! Check out the episode on most major podcast platforms, including here on The K12 Engineering Education Podcast website, and here on PRX.

We’re excited to share Pius and Dan’s conversation with you all – and be sure to let us know what you thought of the episode over on our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn!

Check out the entire episode here!

[1:32] What does the CEO of an educational game developer do?

[4:30] Why create a game-based learning company?

[7:41] What makes a great educational game?

[11:55] Dan’s favorite learning game, and sandbox games for learning

[16:03] The origins of RoboCo

[20:03] The joy of building robots, RoboCo game mechanics, the 2021 FIRST ® Global RoboCo Challenge, and Roblox

[25:13] Mechanical engineering in RoboCo and upcoming features in the game

[29:00] Educational scaffolding in RoboCo

[32:20] Assessing RoboCo’s learning outcomes

[37:36] RoboCo and increasing access to robotics

[41:34] Civilization and the potential of STEM-focused video games

[45:50] Where to find out more about RoboCo

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