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Rhythm Encounter 71 – Press Start: Title Screen Music


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Oct 27, 2021
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Title screens are among the first things we see when we turn on our favourite RPGs, and they’re incredibly unique to the medium of video games. So it seems criminal that we haven’t had an episode devoted exclusively to them! From setting the tone to weaving a story, a title screen (and its accompanying music) can say a thousand things about the video game it precedes. On today’s show, we leave the start button alone to soak in our favourite title screen songs, marrying images, nostalgia, and themes from the games to each piece. From modern classics to childhood favourites and fan favourites, there’s an eclectic mix of music on offer!

Featuring: Alana Hagues, Zach Wilkerson, Greg Delmage, Wes Iliff; Edited by Jono Logan

Links for this episode​


0:05:00 – Title (Koji Kondo, arr. Bit Brigade) – The Legend of Zelda
0:06:32 – Octopath Traveler -Main Theme- (Yasunori Nishiki) – Octopath Traveler
0:27:22 – Brat Overflow (Hitoshi Sakimoto [Basiscape]) – 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim
0:29:17 – Into Free ~Dangan~ (Takahiro Matsumoto, performed by B’z) – Dragon’s Dogma
0:54:37 – Beginnings (Hidenori Iwasaki) – Front Mission 4
0:56:33 – Title Screen [Unreleased] (Noriyuki Iwadare) – Grandia II
1:16:10 – Main Theme (Yutaka Minobe) – Skies of Arcadia
1:17:47 – Main Theme (Yoko Shimomura) – Xenoblade Chronicles
1:45:54 – Wes’ bonus track!

Album Links​

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Original Soundtrack​

Eternal Arcadia / Skies of Arcadia Original Soundtrack​


Into Free ~Dangan~​

The Legend of Zelda V2 / The Legend of Zelda (Bit Brigade Presents)​

Octopath Traveler Original Soundtrack​

Xenoblade Original Soundtrack​

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