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Warzone cheaters have started zooming around in flying cars


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Oct 27, 2021
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No, you’re not seeing things. Warzone cheaters are now gliding around Caldera and Rebirth Island in flying cars, according to footage currently doing numbers on the Warzone reddit. From these videos, we can see vehicles literally take off and majestically soar above the rooftops, we can only assume they are in search of young wizards unable to make it to school this year.

We’ve been covering the back and forth between Warzone cheaters and Raven Software’s anti-cheat measures. Just after we were feeling positive about the future in the wake of stealth damage nerfs to cheaters with inhuman aim, we’re seeing a sort of counter offensive from those unable to cope with their own lacklustre performances in-game. Seemingly strapping themselves in for takeoff as soon as it appeared their typical exploits wouldn't cut it anymore.

If you think that sounds bad enough on it’s own, a particularly egregious video also on the Warzone reddit shows a pair of losers making use of these cheats. One, the driver, carries the duo high above the treeline on Caldera. The other, using a marksman rifle and an aimbot, then proceeds to pick off players below.

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